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54 US Model 1836 smoothbore pistol

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Converted to percussion. Lock plate marked A.H. Waters & Co. Milbury, Mass. 1844. Asa Waters of Milbury, Massachusetts produced about 20,000 of these pistols for the U.S. government from 1836 to 1844. Only about 3,000 were made in 1844. They were standard issue in the Mexican War and many were converted to percussion for use by both sides in the American Civil War. The round barrel is about 8.5 (216mm) in length with attached steel swivel ramrod. The bore is in near fine condition. The lock mechanism is excellent and most original bright fire bluing remains on the bridle, sear, tumbler and internal lock screws. Inspectors initials JH and U.S. proof mark P are on the left side of the breech beside the nipple. The inside of the trigger, barrel band and butts trap are marked ER. The side plate is marked R on the inside and H on the outside. The letter R is marked on the stock under the side plate, on the outside of the trigger guard, the shaft of the lock plate screws, the tang screw, the butt strap screw and the trigger guard screw. The bottom of the barrel is marked K R 4 JH. With a high brass blade front sight and an oval shaped rear sight on the barrel tang. The metal is of grey/brown finish with some minor surface roughness around the base of the nipple. The stock is excellent with clear inspection marks on the left side NB 4 K WAT H. WAT refers to U.S. Army Captain William Andrew Thornton who is known to have inspected this model, as well as Colt Patersons, Colt Walkers and other firearms between 1840 and 1861. Overall condition about NRAA F.

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