Firearms advertised on this site are done so for promotional purposes only and are restricted to Canadian clients. Under no circumstances are Firearms sold on-line. All sales are to be conducted in person. If you see an item of interest, please contact us directly for more information.

BROAD ARROW MILITARIA adheres to all firearm laws concerning the sale of firearms. In Canada you must be in possession of a valid "Possession and Acquisition Licence" in order to purchase a firearm. You must have the status of whichever classification of firearm you wish to purchase, non-restricted, restricted, prohibited, etc.

Buyers must educated about and adhere to firearm laws and regulations. When BROAD ARROW MILITARIA sells firearms described as antiques, keep in mind, that the official description is based on Canadian gun laws.

ATTENTION: Any individual who purchases firearms / ammunition or any other merchandise from BROAD ARROW MILITARIA must assume all liability contingent to the use of those products. FIREARMS are sold as antiques or collectables and as such are not meant to be discharged. There are no warranties either expressed or implied. Any attempt to use any firearm / ammunition purchased from BROAD ARROW MILITARIA is done so at the purchasers risk. If the purchaser insists on discharging the firearm / ammunition, than BROAD ARROW MILITARIA STRONGLY RECOMMENDS having a qualified Gunsmith examine the firearm or ammunition, for safety reasons before discharging.